Gingerbread House Kit – Sprinkles and Tiles!


This Gingerbread House Kit gives you structural soundness and leaves you with all the fun!

The Kit contains:

Gingerbread Cookies (Roof, sides, front, back, door, Snowman, Gingerbread Man, Christmas Trees)

Edible Cement (aka white chocolate melts, fabulous for easy assembly)

Ready mixed Icing Bag

5 Tubs of Sprinkles for Decorating.

White Chocolate Buttons for Roof Tiles. The secret will soon be out; white chocolate and gingerbread tastes just fabulous!




Make your Christmas fun and easier; this Gingerbread House Kit has done it all for you.

Ready BakedĀ  Cookies (Sides with windows, Roof pieces, Front and back).

Icing comes already mixed in an icing bag,

White Chocolate melts as the best cement you could ever have when it comes to cookies (believe me you won’t look back here!),

White Chocolate Buttons for Roof Tiles and

plenty extras to decorate.