Frequently Asked Questions

Delivery only within South Africa. R100 for orders under R600. No charge for orders over R600. Our couriers will not deliver to Embassies or remote farms. You can request a collection from the nearest Courier Guy depot, if you live in a remote area.

It usually takes 2 days to make an order. Then shipping is overnight to the main cities and towns. If delivery is to a smaller town you can expect it to take up to a week after dispatch. If your order is over R500 you can anticipate an extra day to prepare your order for delivery.

I try to use the best ingredients and that is one reason why these cookies taste so good; in particular I use Stone Ground unbleached flour and Free Range eggs. 

Vanilla Cookies (flour, butter, sugar, eggs, vanilla extract, baking powder) 

Gingerbread Cookies (flour, coconut oil, molasses, sugar, egg, spices, baking powder) 

Chocolate Cookies (flour, butter, sugar, cocoa, eggs, vanilla extract, baking powder) 

Royal Icing (Icing Sugar, Actiwhite and Cream of Tartar) 

Sorry, we haven’t a gluten free cookie yet… Hopefully soon!

I usually have at least 2 cookies per child. It is always good to have a few extra in case of breakages and in case you’d might need to sample them yourselves…

Well, in my house not very long because they are eaten before they get a chance to go off! I have eaten cookies that were kept for a photo shoot a month later and they still tasted yum. They were kept in an airtight container, so hadn’t become stale. 

The Decorating Kits themselves will theoretically last in that nothing will go off (the Royal Icing has dessicated instead of raw egg white in it). However, the icing is best to work with when it is fresher. After a week or so the water starts separating from the sugar and although you can mix it in again, it is never as satisfying as the fresher icing.

Younger Children love the sprinkles. Get extra sprinkles for under 6 year olds. 

The water can separate when the icing bag has been sitting for a while. Massage the icing bag with your fingers to help it mix, then cut it open. 

Use the toothpicks provided for finer detail and feathering.