My parents had a simple philosophy about treats while I was growing up; if you want a treat, bake it!

From a young age I was an eager apprentice in the kitchen of my Mum. And if truth be told, she does make the best Cheesecake ever (thanks Rosanne for that recipe), the butteriest-melt-in-your-mouth shortbread ever (thanks Grandma for passing on that heirloom) and the yummiest fudge this side of heaven (thanks Alison for sharing that guarded secret).

Roll on 30 years and I’ve acquired a few recipes of my own, a couple of dogs, an outstanding husband, three gorgeous kids, 2 horses and a ridiculous number of chickens! Over the years for most of the kids' birthday parties, we’ve had cookies to decorate as a party activity. It has always been a hit with the kids and a challenge for me to find a cookie cutter to go with the theme.

One thing led to another and here I am filling a need for other Moms and aspiring cookie decorators; I supply various themed packs and icing ready to go. So that others can enjoy the fun of icing and decorating cookies.

Of course I couldn’t stop there, I simply have too much fun doing the decorating myself; so there’s the delectable gift boxes for someone special.

Sharing the love of cookies,